Street vendors bill

Street vendors in India[ edit ] A street vendor selling namkeen snacks, near upmarket Khan MarketDelhi According to the Ministry of Housing and Urban Poverty Alleviationthere are 10 million street vendors in India, with Mumbai accounting for , Delhi has , [7] Kolkatamore than , and Ahmedabad,Most of them are immigrants or laid-off workers, work for an average 10—12 hours a day, and remain impoverished. Inappropriate license ceiling in most cities, like Mumbai which has a ceiling 14, licenses, means more vendors hawk their goods illegally, which also makes them prone to the bribery and extortion culture under local police and municipal authories, besides harassment, heavy fines and sudden evictions. In Kolkata, the profession was a cognisable and non-bailable offense.

Street vendors bill

Vipin Khokad The Street Vendors Protection of Livelihood and Regulation of Vending Bill, a milestone towards legal recognition of street vendors, was introduced in the Loksabha on 6 sep National Advisory Council also picked up the issue and drafted legislation.

However, it was argued that Street Vending is a livelihood issue not an urban development issue. Another important legislation namely, MGNREGA, was also passed as a central legislation because it deals with livelihood though it is operated through local bodies.

The law for Street Vending could be regarded in similar manner.

Street vendors bill

This led to final drafting of the bill. It was introduced in the Loksabha on the last day of monsoon Street vendors bill of Parliament in Of late, Street Vendors constitute about 2. Cities like Mumbai and Delhi each has about 2. Street Vendors are mostly the persons who come from rural areas in search of livelihood.

Such persons generally possess low skills. Street Vending also does not require very much high skills and high input as well. So it is most likely for such persons to take Street Vending as profession.

Street Vendors serve the society in the following ways: As for Small Scale Industries owing to financial circumstances it is not possible to follow the selling strategies of the so called big brands.

So Street Vendors enable them to sell their products. Besides the above, there are many other ways in which street vendors serve the society. It behooves us to take ample care of so called marginalized section of the society which was hitherto in eclipse.

Main features of the bill: Representatives of Street Vendors will comprise 40 percent of total membership while civil society representatives will comprise 10 percent of total membership. The remaining 50 percent will have representatives of different government stake holders such as, police, traffic police, municipal authorities etc.

The important thing is the bill is the substantive representation of street vendors in decision making process which was hitherto taken up by local authorities or state government. TVC has to perform various functions the most important of which are being mentioned below: To conduct a survey of existing street vendors.A new bill could allow street vendors to peddle their goods across California.

Senate Bill , proposed by state Sen. Ricardo Lara, would require cities to create a permitting process for street. Oct 26,  · Street vendors and brick-and-mortar businesses clashed Wednesday over a bill that would more than double the number of permits allowed for .

City Councilman Peter Koo’s (D-Flushing) legislation to restrict street vendors and sidewalk obstructions threatening pedestrians’ safe passage in bustling downtown Flushing passed the City. Author: Vipin Khokad. The Street Vendors (Protection of Livelihood and Regulation of Vending) Bill, a milestone towards legal recognition of street vendors, was introduced in the Loksabha on 6 sep 1 review of Bill's Balls "We have had Bills Balls at the LIC flea a number of times.

They are awesome! Some of the best meatballs ever."5/5(1). Governor Jerry Brown signed a sweeping new law for California street vendors yesterday. Brown signed Senate Bill , a statewide legislation that regulates street vending practices.

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