Social work in livelihoods and social entrepreneurship sociology essay

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Social work in livelihoods and social entrepreneurship sociology essay

For any application-related queries, contact: Centre for Livelihoods and Social Innovation Intake: The results of the final examination have to be submitted before September 30, Those who fail to do so the provisional admission stands canceled. The poor and marginalised groups and communities face several struggles while interfacing with diverse ac- tors for scarce and competitive resources.

Further, with the advent of globalisation and more powerful market forces acting on them, they are at risk of being pushed further to the margins. Mainstream development ap- proaches aimed at enhancing livelihoods or eradicat- ing poverty often fails to recognise the daily struggles of poor people or the structural determinants of their deprivation.

There is thus a tremendous need to work through social and political structures in developing al- ternative livelihood approaches.

Social work in livelihoods and social entrepreneurship sociology essay

Apart from critically examining present-day livelihood ap- proaches, the programme strives towards innovating and incubating alternative models of livelihood pro- motion, ensuring resource access and resource justice for the poor and marginalised, social equity, empow- erment and social value creation.

A key strategy for the same is to equip students to work with vulnerable groups and marginalised communities to develop and strengthen their livelihoods through meaningful so- cial enterprises, collectives etc.

A programme is grounded on the understanding that livelihood promotion, so- cial innovation and social entrepreneurship develop- ment takes place in the institutional context of co- production, which implies that social workers not only interface with volunteers, individuals and community groups, but also with policy makers, civil servants and corporates.

The programme aims to impart adequate knowledge, de- velop competent skills and provide students an exposure to appropriate attitudinal perspectives so as to prepare them to occupy positions in Government programmes like the National Rural Livelihood Missions, NGOs, social Distribution of Credit Hours:Introduction.

Urban areas have been recognized as “engines of inclusive economic growth”. Of the crore Indians, crore live in rural areas while crore . - Inter-House Power Point Presentation The Inter-House Powerpoint Presentation Competition was held on Tuesday, 30th October The topic for the presentation was 'Revolutionary Inventions in the fields of Communication, Technology, Energy and Transport'.

Sociology of Development and Inequalities. M.A. in Social Work. Women Centred Practice (WCP) M.A. in livelihoods and entrepreneurship. M.A.

with Children and Families. Integrated BA-MA in social sciences. LLM in Access To Justice. Master of Library and Information Science.

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Neoliberalism in Brazil - In an article entitled “Resisting and reshaping destructive development: social movements and globalizing networks”, P.

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