Should voting age lowered 16

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Should voting age lowered 16

They deserve to have a say. If they are now in a responsible stage of their life, they deserve a say on who will decide how their schools will be run through elections! Yes Because If a sixteen year old can join the Arm forces, then the right to vote should be allowed.

If the voting Should voting age lowered 16 is lowered to 16, then politics could become a GCSE course, meaning they will be fully prepared at an early date, ready for an election if they are 16 for example.

They need some time to know how its run now and if it should be different or be changed. Even if they are able to join the armed forces, its a voluntery job. You do not need a certain responsibility to join the forces.

Its to simply serve your country. Its a whole other section of learning and one which is unnecessary to have on your shoulders at the same time as GCSE time.

YES, give them the rights they deserve!

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David Cameron has ruined this country and let the people of Britain down if we where aloud to vote then we could of changed that, for the better of Britain and the folks that live here! Thank you for reading my viewpoint. First of all, your proposed scheme here poses a practicality problem: How would "maturity" be measured?

If we do let a group of 16 years old vote, and we ban another group of 16 years old from voting, then the problem of injustice will arise. Protests are likely to be sparked. From your argument, it can be seen that your only reason for lowering the voting age to 16 is that "David Cameron ruined this country".

How should we address this? One way would be to allow younger people the vote, as it would encourage them to investigate further into how it all works. Some may not be interested at all, thats fine.

But should we really obstruct the opportunities for those interested in learning more? I think it is important for young people to be interested in politics as will affect them hugely at some point in their lives, therefore we should offer 16s and over the vote.

I agree that younger people need to be interested in politics. However, to give them the vote before they are educated and experienced enough to make truly informed decisions would be a disaster.

Speaking mainly from a U. Many young people do not even know the history of their own country, let alone the history of other countries. They do not understand the different systems of government in the world and the history of those governments, some of which led to the deaths of millions of people!

I hear many young people say history is "irrelevant and meaningless", but nothing could be further from the truth!

YES, give them the rights they deserve!

To paraphrase, "Those who do not understand history are doomed to repeat it" could well apply to many young people today, as well as some older people, who have not bothered to learn history, or learn the Constitution, or learn about particular issues. People, these things CAN be a matter of life and death - the difference between being free or being a slave, between living under a freely elected leader or dying in a camp under a dictator!

If young people want to get involved in politics, they should start at a local level as a volunteer. In the meantime, get educated and experienced before taking the important step of voting!

Should voting age lowered 16

Consistency It is argued that the voting age should be reduced to provide consistency between the age a person can vote; with the age they can leave school; marry; have children; leave home; pay taxes; work full time; and join the armed forces.Should The Voting Age Be Lowered To 16?

No because They are still maturing, and have not learned enough yet through education as well as experience to make fully informed decisions.

Mar 07,  · This needs to change: The federal voting age in the United States should be lowered from 18 to Skeptics will no doubt raise questions about the competence of 16 .

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