Role of expert and lay knowledge tma 05

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Role of expert and lay knowledge tma 05

May 20, at 4: I forgot to mention, I read the other day that if there is heavy metals in the body like mercury, it is hard to kill a virus permanently, because the virus accumulated where the heavy metals are because the heavy metal protects the virus.

So you need to chelate the heavy metals first. Maybe this is why the dystonia returned for the person taking aciclovir. HSV1 at this time appears to be incurable as is Dystonia.

S So, we need to either cure the HSV1 or cure the other commonality maybe there are more. This recent breakthrough allows meds to penetrate the BB http: This article shows that HSV1 may be linked to Alzheimers http: Maybe not everyone i.

We need to find out we need everyone who signed up on the forum to take part so that we can include all personality types — Do we all have HSV1? Take the free Myers Briggs world standard personality test http: There may be some very strong similarities that we can investigate.

What do we have to lose?

Introducing : The Intermittent Student

Of course there has been huge research into this, but probably not by those suffering from this condition. We know ourselves and have an insider intuitive sense.

Here are some questions we could ask — these are all all pertinent to me. We could allow a month to each come up with questions and then create a final list of questions. I used to do web development and could set up a private online area where we could create anonymous profiles and answer the questions.

Is anyone else keen to do this? When we finally answer the questions, we should try to do this — if you can identify a possible trigger for your Dystonia i. Head — Which side does your head turn towards? Did you have them when the trauma if you can remember trauma took place?

Most people probably have fwd head these days, but mine is quite severe. Try get a chiro to assess the percentage forward head position you have. Are you a shallow breather? Other — Do you get writers cramp and in which hand? Do you get it in the hand that your head turns towards or away from?

I get it in my right hand, which leads up to the right SCM, which makes my head turn to left — Do you build up muscle quickly? If yes, is it mild, moderate or severe? Describe the bend and how it relates to the side your head turns towards. How does this relate to direction your head turns?

I know we can cure this, but we need to bond and help each investigate.Military and Civilian Employee's that were assigned to, or came thru Tan Son Nhut, Air Base, Republic of Vietnam - * Pigeon Forge, Tennessee is the destination.

Despite the consolidated clinico-pathological correlates of Caveolin 1 expression in non-small cell lung cancer, the available data on the role of Caveolin 1 in relation to proliferation, migration, and metastasis in lung adenocarcinoma cells is still scant.

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Role of expert and lay knowledge tma 05

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