Movie analysis a walk to remember essay

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Movie analysis a walk to remember essay

A Walk to Remember A Walk to Remember is a movie that tells an amazing story of two opposites attracting. The characters are all really interesting because they are so different.

This movie really lets you see the clashing of different personalities. The setting of this movie is really important because its about a school in a small town of North Carolina. Perhaps one of the most crucial narrative elements is the theme.

This movie can truly touch you and teach you a lot. A Walk to Remember has a really interesting plot. It is about a teenager named Landon Carter. Landon is the most popular boy in school but also one of the biggest troublemakers. When he and his friends are caught playing a prank on a fellow student and nearly killing him, he must face the consequences.

He is forced to tutor deprived children at a different school, assist the janitorial staff after school, and participate in the annual school play.

Movie analysis a walk to remember essay

While doing these activities he quickly realizes that now he is the outcast. While attending these activities he quickly crosses paths with Jamie Sullivan. Jamie has always been the object of ridicule upon his friends. Throughout the story you see their relationship change, and surprisingly he ends up falling in love.


Of course, there is a obstacle there too. Eventually, Jamie informs Landon that she has Leukemia. The conflict of the story is very interesting because in a sense it is person v. Landon is struggling with Jamie at first.

Movie analysis a walk to remember essay

Jamie is also struggling with her father because she wants him to see the good side of Landon and trust her in her decisions. Another type of struggles is person v. Landon is struggling because he is at first unsure about how to adjust with Jamie.

Jamie is also struggling with herself. Since she has cancer she is afraid of what Landon will think when he hears.

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The exposition of the movie is when Landon and his friends play a prank on a fellow student and it is really the start of the whole story.A Walk to Remember Essay Words | 6 Pages A Walk to Remember There are times that, reading a book and watching the movie can almost be identical or it .

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