Mainbundle write a check

It is not as easy as it is in Android.

Mainbundle write a check

This is a UI hook. You can't read it on the main thread or it will block. This is mainbundle write a check to be used after the user has at some point been prompted with requestMicPermission and the result has come back in the permission results OEEventsObserver delegate methods.

If this is used before that point, accuracy of results are not guaranteed. If the user has either granted or denied permission in the past, this will return a boolean indicating the permission state.

Loading the OBJ File

This is a maximum number to return — if there are null hypotheses fewer than this number will be returned. In order to get assistance with a speech recognition issue in the forums, it is necessary to turn this on and show the output. You may not need to make any changes to this, however, if you are experiencing quiet background noises triggering speech recognition, you can raise this to a value from to 3.

If you are experiencing too many words being ignored you can reduce this. The maximum value is 5. For the English model, values less than 1. For the Spanish model, higher values can be used. Please test any changes here carefully to see what effect they have on your user experience.

Only set TRUE if you are sure you want this; defaults to FALSE meaning that the default audio session supports bluetooth as a route unless you use this to declare otherwise. Only set TRUE if you are sure you want this; defaults to FALSE meaning that the default audio session mode is with mixing enabled unless you use this to declare otherwise.

Set TRUE if you are experiencing undesired results from automatic resets of the audio session while listening is not in progress.

This should be left alone other than in the specific cases that you want to play back higher sample rate material while OpenEars has the audio session or you have discovered it results in better 3rd-party recording device support e. Otherwise, it can slightly reduce accuracy so it should be left alone.

Only set this if recommended to when seeking support for issues related to unusual hardware — it has no general upsides and can reduce performance.

This can be set to the following: In contrast with using the method runRecognitionOnWavFileAtPath to receive a single recognition from a file, with this approach the audio file will have its buffers injected directly into the audio driver circular buffer for maximum fidelity to the goal of testing the entire codebase that is in use when doing a live recognition, including the whole driver and the listening loop including all of its features.

This is for creating tests for yourself and for sharing automatically replicable issue reports with Politepix. To use this, make an audio recording on the same device i. You can do this with the output of Apple's Voice Memos app by taking the. If you have any difficulty getting this to work, remember to turn on OELogging to get error output, which will probably explain what is not working.

SmartCMN is disabled during testing so that the test gets the same results when run for different people and for different devices. Please keep in mind that there are some settings in Pocketsphinx which may prevent a deterministic outcome from a recognition, meaning that you should expect a similar score over multiple runs of a test but you may not always see the identical score.

There are examples of asynchronous testing using this tool in this project in the test target.Oct 08,  · Check out the Unite LA keynote for updates on the Visual Effect Editor, the FPS Sample, ECS, Unity for Film and more!

Watch it now! Aug 28,  · Add a check for the existence of a file at the path given by the 'bundle' variable. That is, confirm that the file you're trying to copy from exists. [NSBundle mainBundle] pathForResource:@"EventAddress" ofType:@"plist"]; You should be able to design and write code that confirms the contents of a plist object.

Knowing how to confirm. enter product name what you want in my case name is 'CoreDataSample' and check Use Core Data check box and click on next button.

If you want to use core data in existing project you can include core data model using File->New->File open the following dialog click Next.

Installing (or Upgrading) TensorFlow

The NSUserDefaults class is the API for storing and retrieving user preferences in Cocoa. It is very simple to use, yet I haven often seen it used incorrectly or inefficiently, especially when it comes to handling default values for preferences.

Write custom code that stores the default values for. Get the Clean Swift Xcode Templates. Subscribe below to get my Xcode templates and learn how to apply the VIP cycle to your projects, extract business and presentation logic into interactor and presenter, navigate to different scenes using multiple storyboards, and write fast, maintainable tests with confidence to make changes.

Jan 24,  · You just need to provide a valid path for your file read/write, wherever that is. If you are trying to use some kind of preference, look at NSUserDefaults, if you are using one of the standard directories such as the temporary directory, look at NSFileManager, etc.

mainbundle write a check
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