Library science phd thesis in india

Thesis Topic Selection Date: April 27, Even after exploring the existing literature on a subject, PhD scholars are sometimes not able to choose a good topic for their research. Let us tell you about some important qualities that your PhD research topic must possess.

Library science phd thesis in india

The eligible and suitable Full-time Ph. It will be continued subsequently on the recommendations of the doctoral committee. The Scholarship is for a period of two years for those with M. Phil and 3 years for others who do not have M. Scholars who will be selected for the award of scholarship have to complete the Ph.

If they discontinue or could not complete the said program, the scholarship amount paid to them will be recovered. For inter-disciplinary research, a co-guide may be included, if necessary.

When a candidate is admitted for a Ph. Degree who have completed a minimum of 2 years after Ph. Degree and with proven research record in the form of minimum of two research publications in the case of Science, Engineering and Para Medical Science subjects, and two articles in the case of Languages, Arts, Humanities, Commerce, Management etc.

Those teachers who have been already recognized as guides by any University approved by the U. The Research Supervisors, serving as teachers, would be permitted to register candidates up to the age of 70 years. The faculty members who are desirous of getting themselves recognized as Research Supervisors must apply to the Vels University in the prescribed application form which can be obtained from the University or downloaded from the University website for obtaining recognition.

The University has the right to accept or reject the applications of faculty members for recognition as research supervisors. While assessing the number of vacancies under a supervisor, the actual submission of thesis by the candidate registered shall be taken into account. The number of candidates for Research Supervisors who are Eminent Scientists or great academicians can be increased at the discretion of the Vice-Chancellor of Vels University.

However, the same shall be submitted to Board of Research for ratification. Scholars from one supervisor to another supervisor can be effected, if mutual willingness is given by both the original and the proposed supervisors.

In the case of change of supervisor or transfer of candidate is proposed without the consent of any one of the parties concerned, the matter shall be referred to the Board of Research, whose decision shall be final.

The course work consists of the following: Research Methodology includes quantitative method and computerapplications. It may also consist of reviewing of published research in the relevant field.

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A candidate who is approved by the doctoral committee, on the basis of these examinations will be registered as a candidate for the Ph. The research work of the candidates possessing M. Phil qualifications will be subject to monitoring by the doctoral committee as in the case of other candidates and they are exempted from the above course work examination.

However, they have to appear for the Paper-II: In case of candidates who do not possess a M. The decision of the Board of Research studies shall be final.

The Doctoral Committee will be constituted by the Research Supervisor and approved by the University for each candidate. The Doctoral Committee will have a composition of 3 members. Research supervisor or convener and two subject experts to be nominated by the University from the panel of four members given by the Supervisor or from outside the panel as deemed fit.

Library science phd thesis in india

The candidate should present the synopsis of the thesis at a seminar in the place of research before the Doctoral Committee, all faculty members and research scholars. If there are some comments and feedback, it can be suitably incorporated into the draft copy of the thesis.

Scholars can submit 5 copies of thesis in book form size Soft copy containing information of the full thesis and additional supplementary materials, if any, should also be submitted along with the thesis.A reservoir of Indian Theses.

The [email protected] Centre provides a platform for research students to deposit their Ph.D. theses and make it available to the entire scholarly community in . Circular – Proposal for conducting Workshop on 3DM Classroom Visual e – content for Engineering Students reg..

Updated on Circular -Launch of online IPR course by VTU.. Updated on Circular – Installation of CCTV cameras in the examination halls. NIT Jamshedpur The Cradle of technical excellence Academic Notices. The PhD program in Library and Information Science (PhD/LIS) is composed of a cohesive and collaborative cohort of students who are mentored from enrollment through completion of the dissertation.

This flexible PhD/LIS program is unique in its guided preparation in the three areas of research, teaching, and service. Buy Feynman's Thesis - A New Approach To Quantum Theory on FREE SHIPPING on qualified orders.

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