Invasive species essay question

The suburbs of Miami, to be exact: The future lives in Homestead. Noisome possums and trash-can raccoons are his standard fare, and the money is in alligators, which crawl out of the swamps and into backyards, the two environments being ever more synonymous.

Invasive species essay question

Scientists fear that the expansion of seaports and minor ports could pave the way for the arrival of invasive species in coastal areas. It is because the ballast Invasive species essay question carried by ships is providing a vehicle to bring in exotic species. Ballast is a compartment in a ship that provides it stability.

Invasive species essay question

It holds water which moves in and out of it to balance the ship. It remains below the water level, to counteract the weight above the water level.

Ballast water is discharged when the ship enters a new port, releasing alien organisms into the local waters. What do you understand by 'invasive species'? How do they alter local ecology? Illustrate with suitable examples. Invasive species maybe termed as species, who either naturally or by anthropogenic activities, 'invade' habitats which they do not originally belong to.

Invasive species have an impact on local ecology in the following ways: Due to their high reproductive capabilities, most invasive species have the capabilities to displace local counterparts and disrupt ecosystems 2.

Invasive species essay question

They also disturb the ecological balance, by wiping out prey species which do not see them as a threat, like the pythons in Florida are doing to wood rats and other species 3. They also compete for resources against the local species. Alligators and pythons 4. Invasive species sometimes adapt by preying on their local cousins, like Asian 5.

Sometimes, invasive species like snakes and other venomous reptiles can be have been competing for food and space in the everglades recently lionfish when introduced into American markets preys on the local species.

But most invasive species have detrimental and insidious effects on the local populations and have to be controlled, and in some cases eradicated. Examples of invasive species: Three most dangerous invasive species include: Introduced in lake Victoria led to extinction of Lake Victoria in east Africa led eventually to the extinction of an ecologically unique assemblage of more than species of cichlid fish in the lake.

It was introduced to improve aquaculture but currently it is posing threat to indigenous catfishes. They came from Central and South America and are spread in South Africa They competes and replaces indigenous species.

Measures to address threat: There should be effective mechanisms to prevent their introduction in first instance. There should be monitoring of pathways from where these species enter.The introduction of invasive species into new environments is a problem that plagues the entire planet.

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This environmental problem costs businesses millions of dollars every year. Exotic species would be diminished if more people were educated to their effects.

There are many reasons for addressing /5(5). The only way to get rid of invasive species is to use pesticides, which kills both invasive and native species. Question 10(Multiple Choice Worth 3 points) ( MC) Mercury is an element that is toxic to humans in high doses. Question 34(Essay Worth 5 points) ( HC).

Free invasive species papers, essays, and research papers. Discuss Six Types Of Invasive Animal Species That Currently Exist In The United States.

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Write my research paper Your response must be at least words per question for a total of words. APA Format and two references. Dec 12,  · Invasive species are species foreign to an ecosystem and are not immediately regulated by the environmental restraints of the particular ecosystem that they invade.

This in turn allows their populations to grow seemingly uncontrolled and to displace other indigenous populations. Describe how you can avoid spreading invasive plant species. answer wasn't good m9 Log in to add a comment Want this answer? Just click above! Ask your question.

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