Corey s camels pow

Cory has a camel that can carry bananas at a time.

Corey s camels pow

Here it is again, this time with the background removed: Are there dromedary subspecies? If so, they are very different from each other; if not, then the individual variation is pretty amazing.

I am working here from a single photograph taken carelessly as one among a hundred taken opportunistically in a museum too awesome not to photograph; I can see the vertebrae only from one angle; judging the maximal zygapophyseal overlap is error-prone. Still, even taking all of these factors into account, I found this pose striking.

It left me very much wanting to find a published osteology of the camel with better multi-view figures of the cervical vertebrae.

But my search led me inevitably to tetrapod savant Darren Naish, and he pointed me to Mazierskya book review which includes the following photo: Camel with raised neck, from Maziersky And that got me thinking about how the vertebrae must be arranged to allow this.

A reminder is due again here that what I am doing is an approximate and error-prone process. No doubt I got the maximal possible zygapophyseal disarticulation wrong in several places, for example. But even allowing for that, I find this pretty amazing. This means that if you open all three images in different browser tabs, then tab between them, you should see the neck neatly moving between the three different poses.

For those of you too lazy or technophobic to do that, here is a superposition: What does all this tell us? We need to understand the soft-tissue systems — especially the articular cartilage — as well. Stevens and Parrish Teach us about intervertebral cartilage!

Anatomy of the Dromedary: Neck posture, dentition, and feeding strategies in Jurassic sauropod dinosaurs. Virginia Tidwell and Ken Carpenter eds.

Indiana University Press, Bloomington, Indiana. Special bonus horror story While I was emailing with Darren about camels, he told me that John Hutchinson had recently acquired a camel at the RVC, and suggested that I ask to be present at the dissection of the neck.


I contacted John only to be told:About pow pow pow. Rank. Newbie Miscellaneous.

Corey s camels pow

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Sep 16,  · Mini-Camel owns a banana grove like Corey Camel. However mini-camel's harvest is only 45 bananas and he can carry at most 15 bananas at a time.

Of course, the marketplace is 15 miles away and, like Corey Mini-Camel must eat one banana each and every mile he walks. POW Office P.O.

Corey s camels pow

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