Captains of industry

Navy after a year stint with its Supply Corps, he knew he wanted to do something different. That was, after all, what his Navy experience prepared him for: Since leaving the Navy in the mids, Dickey has put his military logistics background to work at a variety of small and large companies, deploying his skills to build supply chains from scratch, ensure smooth manufacturing operations and, well, do something different. Until recently, he was vice president of logistics and customer support for Utah-based WiLife, maker of the Digital Video Surveillance System.

Captains of industry

History[ edit ] Before mining operations, Mount Fubilan was described as a copper mountain with a gold cap. Exploratory drilling in the area began in the s, and was run by the Kennecott Copper Corporation. In the early s, BHP secured a mining lease.

Captains of industry

Init began exploiting the gold cap by using cyanide extraction procedures. After the gold deposit was depleted, the company surveyed for mining the much larger copper deposit underneath. At that time, this deposit was believed to be the largest copper deposit in the world.

BHP maintained a majority share in the mine. Around 20 years after the beginning of mining operations, majority-share ownership was converted to the PNG Sustainable Development Program, in the wake of the Ok Tedi Environmental Disaster.

All mining operations at Fubilan have had their headquarters at Tabubil. The mine[ edit ] The mine works as an open cut operation and Mount Fubilan has been reduced to a deep pit in the ground. By 31 December8, tonnes of copper concentrate containing 2, tonnes of copper metal and 7, troy ounces or In addition, between and The mill operates two ball mills and one sag mill.

Ok Menga[ edit ] The mine is powered by a hydroelectric power facility at Ok Menga, which is a tributary of the Ok Tedi river near Tabubil. There are also backup diesel generators that are used if the flow from the Ok Menga river is not enough to generate sufficient electricity.

The highway, for the most part, runs parallel with the Ok Tedi River. Parts of the highway are often consumed by the river and need to be rebuilt. The cost of maintaining this road is K 1. The copper slurry pipeline to Kiunga from the mine runs along the full length of this road.

The OTML headquarters are located in a building called the White House, which is about metres south of Tabubil International School, and about metres east of the Cloudlands hotel. The mine has a backup diesel generating power facility at Tabubil.

The town is the headquarters of the North Fly District.Captains of Industry or Robber Baron Project.

Captains of industry

Select one of the following people to research. Andrew Carnegie.

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John D. Rockefeller. Cornelius Vanderbilt. The wave of industrialism that we have been studying was often driven by a few great men known as industrialists. There can be no mistaking their motives: wealth. Flexsteel RV Captain's Chairs are the RV Furniture industry's leading driver and passenger motorhome bucket seats.

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The education division of the National Endowment for the Humanities has prepared a lesson plan for schools asking whether "robber baron" or "captain of industry" is the better terminology. The lesson states that it attempts to help students "establish a distinction between robber barons and captains of industry.

In this lesson, you and your students will attempt to establish a distinction between robber barons and captains of industry. Students will uncover some of the less honorable deeds as well as the shrewd business moves and highly charitable acts of the great industrialists and financiers.

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