Analyzing retail concept store excelsior

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Analyzing retail concept store excelsior


The Internet Industry All businesses that sell goods and services to consumers fall under the umbrella of retailing, but there are several directions we can take from here. For starters, there are department stores, discount stores, specialty stores and even seasonal retailers.

Each of these might have their own little quirks; however, for the most part the analysis overlaps to all areas of retailing.

This section of the industry handbook will try to focus more on general retailers and department stores. For background reading, see Analyzing Retail Stocks. Over the past couple decades, there have been sweeping changes in the general retailing business.

Analyzing retail concept store excelsior

What was once strictly a made-to-order market for clothing has changed to a ready-to-wear market. Flipping through a catalog, picking the color, size and type of clothing a person wanted to purchase and then waiting to have it sewn and shipped was standard practice.

At the turn of the century some retailers would have a storefront where people could browse. Meanwhile, new pieces were being sewn or customized in the back rooms. In some parts of the world, the retail business is dominated by smaller family-run or regionally-targeted stores, but this market is increasingly being taken over by billion-dollar multinational conglomerates like Wal-Mart and Sears.

Without getting into specific product categories within the retailing industry, the overall segments can be divided into two categories: Hard - These types of goods include appliances, electronics, furniture, sporting goods, etc.

Sometimes referred to as "hardline retailers. Each retailer tries to differentiate itself from the competition, but the strategy that the company uses to sell its products is the most important factor. Here are some different types of retailers: Department Stores - Very large stores offering a huge assortment of goods and services.

Discounters - These also tend to offer a wide array of products and services, but they compete mainly on price. Demographic - These are retailers that aim at one particular segment.

High-end retailers focusing on wealthy individuals would be a good example. Each of these has its own distinct advantages, but it's important to know how these advantages play out.

For example, during tough economic times, the discount retailers tend to outperform the others.

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The opposite is true when the economy is thriving. The more successful retailers attempt to combine the characteristics of more than one type of retailer to differentiate themselves from the competition.

Used when analyzing individual retailers. It compares sales in stores that have been open for a year or more.

This allows investors to compare what proportion of new sales have come from sales growth compared to the opening of new stores. This is important because although new stores are good, there eventually comes a saturation point at which future sales growth comes at the expense of losses at other locations.

Same store sales are also commonly referred to as "comps. Sales Square Footage Store space is considered to be a productive asset and the key to profitability.

Successful companies generate as much sales volume as possible out of each square foot of store space. More recently, analysts have created modifications of this concept by looking at a retailers' gross margin per square foot.

This ratio shows how many times the inventory of a firm is sold and replaced over a specific period. Sales But, may also be calculated as: Cost of Goods Sold Average Inventory Although the first calculation is more frequently used, COGS may be substituted because sales are recorded at market value while inventories are usually recorded at cost.

Also, average inventory may be used instead of the ending inventory to help minimize seasonal factors.Excelsior Milano concept store by Jean Nouvel, Milan. retail design blog.

Analyzing retail concept store excelsior

Oct 25,  · Roll, a new retail concept from Goodyear, transforms the traditional tire-buying and installation experience, with women and Millennials in mind.

As a result, Excelsior Milano perfectly balances the concept boutique with a department store. The complex is an audacious injection of modernity in the city’s historical heart.

The inner walls of the old movie theatre are coated with reflecting paints, while the . Concepts International.

Analyzing Retail Stocks

CNCPTS INTL Official Website for the latest Concepts Collaborations, Projects, Releases and News. We would like to show you a description here but the site won’t allow us. After the successful opening of its first luxury department store EXCELSIOR last year in Milan, Italian retail group COIN is opening next year the same concept in the Northen city of Verona.

Second Excelsior luxury department store to open in Verona - CPP-LUXURY