A summary of sula by toni morrison

Alone and disoriented, Shadrack drifts back to his home in the Bottom, where he becomes known for his eccentricity and for creating National Suicide Day, January 3, a day once a year on which people can commit suicide and not be stigmatized for doing so. Helene Sabat, the daughter of a New Orleans prostitute, marries Wiley Wright, a man from the Bottom, and establishes a respectable home there. During a journey by train back to New Orleans to visit her ailing, beloved grandmother, she is humiliated by a bigoted white conductor. Her daughter, Nel, watches and vows never to let anyone belittle her so cruelly.

A summary of sula by toni morrison

It is a normal and closely-knit Black community where the strangest thing is probably Shadrack, a shell-shocked veteran from World War I. Having proclaimed January 3 to National Suicide Day, Shadrack often marches through town encouraging citizens to plan the day of their death in defiance of the horrible unexpectedness of dying naturally.

The civil, conventional community of The Bottom dares to treat Shadrack with familiarity and tolerance. One of the upright and outstanding members of The Bottom community is Helene Wright. She has moved to Medallion from New Orleans, where her grandmother raised her because her mother was a prostitute.

During the story, Helene is married to a respectable man and has established herself in the community as the picture of propriety; it is all an effort to escape the family history of ill repute. She carefully and successfully raises her daughter, Nel, to be like her, living a life free from shame and immorality.

Nel turns out to be a good, obedient, and traditional daughter. She is also shocked to realize that her mother is very insecure. Nel vows to never be like her mother; she returns home to The Bottom from New Orleans as a determined young woman who wants to be an individual.

When Eva's son, Plum, returns from the war, he is a changed man-- a drug addict who steals and lies. One night, she goes into his room, only to find him in a stupor.

She holds Plum tenderly, says goodbye to him, then pours kerosene on him, and lights him on fire. Even though Plum burns to death, no one ever says anything to the formidable Eva.

She, however, chooses never to go downstairs again; instead, she runs the entire household and her family from her makeshift wheelchair in the upstairs room. In spite of her lustfulness, the women in the community like Hannah, for she is not a threat; she does not want to possess their husbands, only sleep with them.

Sula, however, cannot feel close to her mother and views her with detachment. Instead, she shares all of her thoughts and emotions with her best friend, Nel.

One day Sula hears her mother say that she does not like her daughter. Sula feels wounded and betrayed. The same afternoon Sula and Nel play with a little boy, Chicken Little, down by the river. Sula is holding him by his hands and swinging him around and around.

She loses her grip, and the young boy falls in the water and does not come up. He stares at her and simply says the word "always," which she for years interprets as a threat, as in he will always know.

She runs back to Nel, and the two decide not to tell what has happened. Nel assures Sula that it was just an accident, but Sula feels terrible. Sula has been changed forever. Eva sees her burning daughter from her second story window and jumps to the ground to try and save her.

Eva almost bleeds to death from her injuries, and Hannah dies from her burns. When Eva recovers, she realizes that she saw Sula on the porch the whole time, watching her own mother burn and doing nothing to stop it.

Five years later, Nel is married to Jude, a young boy anxious to prove he is a man. Sula is very active in the wedding arrangements and stands up with Nel at the altar.

As the evening wears on, Nel sees Sula walking down the road, away from the marriage celebration.

A summary of sula by toni morrison

Feeling that she has lost her only friend to Jude, Sula leaves The Bottom. She and Nel do not see each other again for ten years.From a general summary to chapter summaries to explanations of famous quotes, the SparkNotes Sula Study Guide has everything you need to ace quizzes, tests, and essays.

A summary of sula by toni morrison

Sula learns that her mom doesn't really like her (straight from the horse's mouth, no less); she and Nel are involved in an accident that results in the drowning of a boy named Chicken Little; Sula's mom Hannah dies in a fire; Nel gets married to a man named Jude; and Sula leaves town for ten years, returns, and has an affair with Jude.

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Sula begins a relationship with a man named Ajax, but he ends the affair when Sula begins acting more like a wife than a lover.

A few years later, Sula is dying, and Nel briefly visits her. When Sula finally dies, she mystically remains conscious: She is outside of her body looking down at it. Morrison’s Sula is a story of motherhood, friendship, and love.

It follows two girls, Nel and Sula, from childhood to adulthood and describes the way their deep bond is tested by societal norms. Self-Analysis on Subject Me - My subject of self-analysis is myself.

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